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Unannounced Tweaks Dice failed to mention
81st Chillinbill 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Mar 2012
Graphical Tweaks:

No blind color mode, but all the icons seem to be much easier to see
Possible slight camera and animation changes: Heli’s and jets seem to explode and break up a lot more smoothly
More saturation
Less blue tint
Easier to see icons

Audio Tweaks:

Can hear footsteps, reloading as well as voiceovers much more clearly

User Interface Tweaks:

Minimap has more focus on team function icons (heal, repair, flags)
Icons for vehicles on spawn screen
Easier to see what spawn point is selected on map when selecting spawn
Other squad leader objectives are marked on flags

Movement Tweaks:

Much better responsiveness (Even better with AA turned off)
Noticeably faster repositioning from prone to standing or crouching position
No more “supercrawl” or “superworm”

Vehicle Tweaks:

Moved AA on Kharg (US on carrier, Russian at air strip)
Faster vehicle spawn (Mainly air vehicles)
Attack helicopter on non-B2K maps respawn in 30 seconds instead of 80 seconds
You can fly through poles from half way and up
Can spawn into AA guns
Jets guided missiles can take out a tank and nearby infantry in 2-3 hits
Below Radar has been buffed
Stinger takes about 2 or less seconds to lock onto and fire, missiles seem to move slightly faster, 1 hit disable
Havoc is noticeably easier to control
All air vehicles now start with flares as a minimum
Scout heli on Sharqi Rush added for attackers
Jeep horns have been added
Ground vehicles can be locked onto even when no person was or is in it
Jets have reduced bullet damage
Multiple players spawning into same jet/heli seems better
Air radar is reduced in effectivity, only jets and helicopters are visible and if one uses ECM jammer or below radar, they’ll be invisible on the air radar

Equipment and Attachment Tweaks:

Laser marker or maybe guided missile range seems to have been increased
Red laser designator can be seen from tanks and heli’s as well as SOFLAM’s now
Tactical light nerf
Greater recoil when suppressed

Squad Tweaks:

Can change squad without leaving the current squad.
Visible squads now only at 3: Can create new squads
There is a much longer period in which you can be revived

Ribbons and Medal Tweaks:

Nemesis medal reduced to 30 ribbons
Suppression reduced from 7 to 4
MCOM Attacker reduced from 3 to 2
MCOM Defender reduced from 4 to 2
Anti-Explosive increased from 2 to 3
Air Warfare reduced from 6 to 5

Match and Map Tweaks:

Can now quit between rounds
Shorter game start countdown
No minimum player count: Players can move around right away, points begin to count after 8 players join
Match Making option in multi player, seems to be for esport/organized scrims on custom servers
Separate customizations for US and RU
5-flag Wake Island: Conquest Assault
Added ladder to Sharqi TV tower
On Grand Bazaar Rush, the attackers get a tank after the first set of objectives, instead of the second
Changed the out-of-bounds: Noshar Canals

Server Tweaks:

Custom Servers
Over 1000 ticket custom servers on console
Conquest Assault browser filter added

Other Tweaks:

Additional Dogtags have been added (A-91 and M26 dog tags. As well as a tag for the game ‘Syndicate’)
US Assault/Medic’s arms are now darker-skinned to reflect character model
Shortcut bundles added

31st Mar 2012 81st Chillinbill
lol, Yeah you got that right man, One fix ends up with a lot more fixes.
30th Mar 2012 81st o_O-EaZy-O_o
They did a whole lot of shit that didn't need to be done. If it aint broke don't fix it it... or is that, if it aint broke Dice hasn't fixed it yet!
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