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BF3 Best Maps
Grand Bazaar 1

Teheran Highway 0

Caspian Border 1

Seine Crossing 2

Operation Firestorm 1

Damavand Peak 1

Noshahar Canals 2

Kharg Island 0

Operation Metro 2

Kiasar Railroad 1

Nebandan Flats 1

Operation Riverside 1

Sabalan Pipeline 1

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81st Filthy Few
81st Chillinbill 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Oct 2013
I would like to thank everyone that came with us to GTA online, We now have another charter branching out on the xbox side. We are growing pretty quickly, but there is always those three b's that bring us togather.

9th Jun 2014 KUZZY_PETE
http://socialclub.rocksta ... oIjHzzg?platformId=2
This race will show the location and how to enter 3 common wall breach glitches, no fear.... ride those bikes straight at the wall....I made it so please like...
9th Jun 2014 KUZZY_PETE
http://socialclub.rocksta ... UYVJdcA?platformId=2 play this with forced weapons and pickups, Great map to increase strength...or troll your victims...NOTE donot put time limit on unlimited...Capture bags are unaccessible...Win game by time limit and most kills...
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